Hand Shaped Antler Combs

Hand Shaped Antler Combs are made by WeirdBeard™ himself. The combs are stainless with rounded teeth for a smooth combing experience. The handles are made from Elk and Whitetail deer antler sheds. Each comb has also been fitted with at least 1 shell casing from various calibers. Every comb is 100% unique and will be one of a kind. The majority of the antler used to make the deer antler combs come from Indiana, Michigan and Ohio whitetail deer. Most of them are antler sheds. Antler sheds are the result of the annual process by which male deer (bucks) lose and then regrow antlers. Any antler used from an animal that has been killed was done so in accordance with local laws. All fees and processes associated with have been adhered to. Additionally the deer that provided said anlter by having been killed, have been killed out of necessity for controlling deer population as well as serving the purpose of feeding families.

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