What makes our beard balm so special?

A Bearded Botanicals™ beard balm, is in essence an all-natural organic leave-in conditioner. Our balms begin with love followed by a base of emollient plant derived butters that are known for their excellent moisturizing, conditioning and reparative properties. We then sprinkle of few select humectant ingredients that will ensure all day hydration for the facial skin and hair. We then finish off each balm with complex blends of organic carrier oils and essential oils that not only smell great but help to promote healthy facial skin and hair. These balms can also be used as a body moisturizer or an after shave treatment to clean and nourish the facial skin.

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[Limited Offer] Balm Sampler Kit Beard Balms, Beard Care, Organic, Veteran Owned, Ohio
Retail: $56.95
Price: $40.00
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The Balm Sampler KitWe get it they all sound so good and you are torn on which scents and balms to try. Well now you can pick any 5 balms (1 oz ) from the list below to try for a ridiculously low price. Pick Any 5 From the Following List:Original Ultimate Beard Balm (UBB)Earthrocker UBBLucky Lady UBBCoffee Stout UBBJust Leather UBBRoot Beard UBBRedrum UBBBlow JobBeardefenseHairy, Curly & Fro (Cedar wood or Original)King's Nectar (Alpha & Omega)**includes upchargeTin: 1 oz cans ...

Kings Nectar™ Beard Balm Beard Oil, Kings Nectar, Private Reserve Beard Oil, Premium Beard Oil, Organic Beard Oil, Handmade, Veteran Owned, Bearded Botanicals
Price: $11.99-$21.99
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Nectar that is truly fitting for a King!™The King's Nectar™ was designed for the lifelong grower who only wants the best for their mane. King's Nectar™ balm is a very emollient blend of 28 oils, 3 butters and beeswax that will keep your facial hair and skin hydrated and fed throughout the day. The blend is light and absorbs quickly yet offers all day volume, shine and manageability. You can expect your beard's health to be the best it has ever been in a relatively short period of time.About...

Ultimate Beard Balm2018
Price: $10.99-$18.99
Availability: In Stock

    Ultimate Beard Balm™ is essentially beard food, packed full of essential amino and fatty acids as well as vitamins needed to support healthy hair follicles by promoting good blood circulation, increased keratin production and the delivery of vital nourishment. The UBB is a very emollient blend of oils, butters and beeswax that will keep your facial hair and skin hydrated and fed throughout the day.About the blend Rich in emollients preventing water loss.Keeps skin and hair full and...

    Hairy, Curly & Fro™ Beard Balm Beard Control, Beard Frizz Control, Beard Flyaways, Beard Balm, Organic Beard Balm, Hairy Curly and Fro, Lima OH
    Price: $10.99-$18.99
    Availability: In Stock

      Hairy, Curly & Fro was designed with unruly beards in mind. The blend offers great frizz control and flyaway manageability without leaving the beard stiff or dull. Rich in emollients and humectants Hairy, Curly and Fro will keep the strands full and hydrated adding the additional weight necessary to relax curls. You can expect a light hold throughout the day that is soft to the touch.  About the BlendGreat for dry, frizz-prone, damaged hair.Rich in emollients and protects strands against...

      Gonja Grease Beard Balm
      Price: $8.99-$15.99
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      Gonja Grease™ is a light-medium hold butter based beard balm that softens and conditions your beard, while feeding your hair and skin with nutrients and vitamins. It is slow absorbing so it will offer your beard all day protection from daily life. This scent is amazing, and can be best described as green and earthy. The aroma is reminiscent of a freshly cut lawn on a warm summer day. If you are looking for something that smells like the “skunkiest dankest sticky icky” this may not be for you....

      Blow Job Thermal Protection Balm Thermal Beard Protection, Blow Job Balm, Natural Silicone Protectant, Beard Styling Balm, Beard Balm, Organic Beard Balm, Lima OH, Veteran Owned
      Price: $10.99-$18.99
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        Blow Job Thermal Protection Balm™ was designed for individuals who like to blow dry or style their beards with heat. Blow Job works to coat and protect the beard from the damage of heat as well as nourish, condition and hydrate the facial skin and hair. You can expect a light hold throughout the day that is soft to the touch. About the Blend Rich in emollients and protects strands against heat.Natural protectant as compared to silicones. Improves hair elasticity thus reducing breakageLocks in...