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Kings Nectar™  ALPHA  Beard Oil Beard Oil, Kings Nectar, Private Reserve Beard Oil, Premium Beard Oil, Organic Beard Oil, Handmade, Veteran Owned, Bearded Botanicals
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    The King’s Nectar™ was designed for the lifelong grower who only wants the best for their mane. The blend of 28 carrier oils is very rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that will nourish, feed and repair both the facial skin and hair. The blend is light and absorbs quickly yet offers all day volume, shine and manageability. You can expect your beard's health to be the best it has ever been in a relatively short period of time. Nectar that is truly fitting for a King!™About the...

    Ultimate Beard Liquor® Beard Oil  Beard Oil Beard Food, Ultimate Beard Liquor, Beard Liquor, Lima OH, Organic Beard Oil, Handmade, Veteran Owned, Sandalwood Beard Oil
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      Ultimate Beard Liquor® is essentially Beard Food™, packed full of essential amino and fatty acids as well as vitamins needed to support healthy hair follicles by promoting good blood circulation, increased keratin production and the delivery of vital nourishment. The UBL is a very thick and emollient blend of oils that will keep you facial hair and skin hydrated and feed throughout the day. Despite the thickness of the oil the application is light, but absorbs throughout the course of the day...

      Beardefense™ Beard oil, Natural Insect Repellent, dual purpose beard oil, all Nature, Hiking, Mosquito Repellent, Tick Repllent, veteran owned,  Lima Ohio
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        Beardefense™ Insect Repellent Beard Oil was purposely designed to protect your beard while out in nature doing manly stuff. Works great at repelling ticks, fleas and mosquitoes all while keeping your beard hydrated. What better combo is there? Beardefense™ is a nice light oil that will moisturize and cleanse your facial hair and skin while adding shine and volume. The blend will also prevent split-end and and encourage healthy strand growth. Works well for all beard types and absorbs quickly...