No More Whisker Biscuits!

We offer light and strong hold moustache waxes that are easy to work with offering the right amount of hold while maintaining a nice clean natural look.

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Stick Em Up Light Hold Moustache Wax Training Moustache Wax, Moustache Wax, Organic Moustache Wax, Light Hold Moustache Wax, Strong Hold Moustache Wax
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    Stick Em Up Moustache Wax Light Hold is a soft pliable wax that is great for training the moustache or sweeping it out of the way during outings. Stick Em Up Moustache Wax offers a more natural look when applied...No whisker biscuits! The wax is not chunky, sticky, or greasy. Stick Em Up Moustache Wax is also made with high quality ingredients that will work to condition your moustache as it styles it. ...