What the heck is a Whisker Whip™?

A Bearded Botanicals™ Whisker Whip, is a 100% all natural leave-in conditioner, and styling aid. A Whisker Whip in the simplest terms is a beard balm that has been whipped to the perfect creamy consistency. The hold of these whips is light due to the fact we rely only on the hardness of the butters and don't use any beeswax. Our whips will give your beard shape throughout the day without that greasy, heavy feeling often associated with beard balms. You can easily comb your beard and fondle it with no issues. By the end of your day you will notice that your beard is extra soft and full.

Our whips are composed of emollient and humectant rich plant derived butters that are known for their excellent moisturizing, conditioning and reparative properties. They are next pummeled with awesome blends of organic carrier oils and finished with essential oils for scent.

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Outdoorsman Whipped beard balm
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    The Outdoorsman Whip™ is a very rich and creamy blend that was specifically designed for the outdoors man who works in the elements and ends the workday covered in filth. Understanding how hot and cold weather conditions can increase breakage and dry out the skin and hair, we wanted to formulate a beard care product that would protect the pelt all day and underskin from even the dirtiest of jobs. The blend of butters and carrier oils were purposely selected for their humectant and emollient...