Beards and Balls, Oddly Similar!

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Being happily married to an uninhibited bearded man I have noticed many similarities in his beard and well… his balls. Some days his beard is full, tight and closely nestled to his face while other days it is relaxed hanging lower and waving freely in the air. Well the same can be said about his balls… except for the nestled against his face part!

Being the astute observant man that he is I was sure he had noticed these similarities. Nope, never! Apparently when you own the parts you lose all curiosity. I thought surly I cannot be the only one who sees these similarities, so I asked a few trusted sources who also did not make the comparison until I pointed it out.

Now that I have brought it to your attention and you realize the similarities, here is why your beard and balls are full and voluptuous one day and low hanging others.

Beards hairs tend to be more porous than head hair and can act like little sponges! The hairs react based on many factors such as is it hot, is it cold, did you drink enough water, did you drink too much alcohol, it is humid out, did you go swimming in chlorinated water, did you use a hard chemical on it….the list could go on forever.

Think about a sponge for a minute when it is full of water it expands and its pliable however, if you leave it out the water it will eventually start to evaporate and leave you will a light stiff little brick. Your beard is very similar to this sponge! Some days it can be full and pliable while other days it is dry and wispy. You will increase your chances of more days of full and pliable when you and your beard both stay hydrated.

How do you keep your beard hydrated? Use products that work to keep water in as well as keep it hydrated throughout the day. After a shower your hairs are the fullest and most hydrated they will be in that day. The goal is to keep that water from evaporating, which some beard products can help you achieve by creating a breathable barrier to keep water in. However depending on your hair type (course, kinky, fine, etc.) and the environment you work and play in you could have water loss at a rapid rate which poses its own challenges in finding the right products for your beard as well as keeping it hydrated.

Go back to that sponge scenario think about the conditions you left it in to dry out! That might help you be a little more cognitive of the conditions you expose your beard to when unprotected with hydrating products like our Outdoorsman whip! We designed Outdoorsman to withstand the harsh conditions men but their beards in when working or playing through the protection of the emollient butters and hydrating properties of the humectants to keep the beard fully hydrated all day long.

Now onto the balls! Why do those suckers hang to and fro someday and go into hiding on other days. The reason they are finicky little suckers. They like to be kept roughly 1-2 degrees less than normal body temperature, so the scrotum expand and retract as a way to warm them up or cool them down. There are other reasons for shrinkage, like sex but I am not going to get into all of that.

So there you have it similarities of two of the most prized possessions that men like to boast about… Beards and Balls! 

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