Whips Vs. Balms

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Whip or balm, which one is right for you?

First of all you need to understand the differences between them. In this article I am only speaking on Bearded Botanicals products. That’s not to say that other company’s aren’t the same, but let’s not assume anything.


Of course everyone knows what beard balm is. Or do they? A beard balm is made of botanical and animal butters, oils, and of course beeswax. Balms typically go one of two ways (across the whole gamut of manufacturers) they are either butter based or oil based. We at Bearded Botanicals prefer the butter based balms and that is all we make.

So what’s the difference?

Butter based beard balms are typically made with a higher concentration of butters (i.e. hemp seed, shea, kokum) and a lower concentration of oils, and just a touch of beeswax. In our butter based recipes, very little beeswax is needed, because the ratio of butter to oil makes the product solid, but still easily workable at body temperature.

Oil based beard balms (which we do not make) are just the opposite. They use a blend that is primarily composed of oils, and a much smaller amount of butter, and a lot of beeswax. In this example, the beeswax is a much more necessary part as it provides much of the solidity of the product.

Which is better? That’s for you to decide what you like.

When using a butter based balm you are able to absorb more nutrients into your skin, because the butters coat and protect the hairs, and take much longer to fully absorb. With this type of balm, you will have a light to medium hold (depending on which balm you are using), and all day conditioning with a beard that doesn’t look greasy.

With an oil based balm, you may have a stronger hold, but you may also have an unnatural sheen. You will still absorb the nutrients (if any) but you will soak them up very quickly. What will be left behind? Beeswax, which will protect the hairs somewhat and help hold shape. The left behind beeswax can also be tricky to wash out, plus you don’t get the all-day conditioning.


What is a whip? Speaking on Bearded Botanicals whips, they are a light, ultra-conditioning butter based beard product, and in general absolutely awesome. Just like with our butter based beard balms, our Whisker Whips are composed mostly of botanical butters.

The main differences are…drumroll please.

No beeswax and they are whipped (hence the name whip). The act of whipping the blend of ingredients makes the Whisker Whips a nice light application, easy to apply, easy to remove. The lack of any beeswax makes it easy to make your beard look and feel like a million bucks without that heavy, oily feeling associated with it.

Your beard will get unparalleled protection from the elements, provided with a cornucopia of nutrients, and ultra-conditioned, all while maintaining a nice natural looking beard.

So as you can see, making the decision to go with a whip is a tough one. Either way, you can’t go wrong (as long as you are using our products). It all comes down to personal preference and how you like to feed your beard.

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